Management Services

Management Services

Hughes Properties has been providing property management services for over 25 years in the North Alabama area. 

As the property management company, Hughes Properties is responsible for the day to day operations of your non-profit organization.

Some of the duties performed by Hughes Properties include… 

  • HP II uses CINC software for management to include homeowner/board portal and phone app, violation recording keeping, ARC tracking, online payments, and much more
  • Working with realtors, banks, and builders to verify the status of assessments for resale & foreclosures*
  • Work with property managers of rental properties to ensure renters abide by the Covenants
  • Receive, record, and deposit assessments for new homeowners/closings
  • Invoice and process payments of Assessment as defined by the Covenants of the community
  • Input monthly late fees and send statements for all delinquent accounts
  • Work with attorney to file liens for homes that are seriously delinquent (as directed by the Board)
  • Coordinate monthly payments to applicable parties
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly
  • Maintain records in preparation for annual tax filing
  • Provide monthly reports to the Board
  • Compliance tours completed monthly. Prepare and send notices of violation with picture.
  • Provide a report to the Board on a monthly basis, to include violations noted, ARC forms submitted, Monthly Budget report and Hughes Properties Recap
  • Maintain and preserve files and records, including homeowner and financial records
  • Maintain the Clubhouse rental calendar and collect appropriate paperwork and fees. HP II does not complete the pre or post walk thru of the facility.
  • Maintain the keycard system for amenities including new cards, deactivating homeowners leaving the community, and deactivating homeowners not in good standing with the HOA. HP II will only be able to offer this service as long as the system used is already in use by our office.
  • Prepare and email/mail notices of violation
  • Attend the Annual Board meeting as availability allows
  • Work with the Architectural Control Committee on submissions – Hughes logs the applications and forwards to the ARC for review. ARC to provide the letter approval/disapproval for the owner. HP II will send the resident the letter and log the date of approval/disapproval. ARC communicates with the residents.
  • Mail letters and notices to the community as prepared and directed by the Board
  • Verify and address owner concerns/complaints as they pertain to the covenants – neighbor to neighbor issues are not addressed.
  • Work with owners to relay issues or conflicts to the Board as they pertain to the covenants
  • Provide Vendor names to bid for repair work and/ or maintenance, as needed
  • HOAst Services – online voting tool (optional - fee applies)
  • Notary Services provided for a small fee
  • Complete Application for EIN Number for New HOA, fee based on pricing from accountant
  • HP II does NOT maintain any social media, HOA specific website**, Facebook, social directory**, or master email list** (** not referencing HP II website or homeowner portal)

Hughes Properties works under the DIRECTION AND SUPERVISION of the Board of Directors to provide the above services needed for your community.  No decision is made without specific instructions and input from the Board.


*The management company of the Association shall have a right to charge a reasonable fee to cover the expenses of the necessary transitioning activities and paperwork from the seller to the buyer on any sale transaction within the subdivision. This fee charged to the parties of the sale in accordance with the closing fee agreement.