Client Reviews

Client Reviews

" HUGHES PROPERTIES has been our property management agency ever since the development contractor turned it over… they have been very professional and extremely helpful with suggestions that made our jobs as the “Homeowners Association” easier and beneficial for our properties. We could not nor would not operate without them and we highly recommend this company for those seeking a property management company. "

- Tom Dozier, Bell Tower Townhomes Association

" Like most HOAs, the Stonemark Property Owners Association (SPOA) board and committees consist of property owners who volunteer their time to serve the needs of their Stonemark community. In doing so, they depend heavily on the services of Hughes Properties to run the day-to-day operations. HUGHES PROPERTIES has been a consistent, reliable, responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional business partner for over 14 years. Hughes Properties is easy to work with and, by their relationship with other HOAs, they bring a best practices perspective that the SPOA board would not otherwise have in running the Association’s business."

- Mike Missios, Stonemark POA

" As the HOA Board member responsible for C&R compliance in our community, I worked directly with HUGHES PROPERTIES for 4 years.  During that time, we experienced steady reductions in the types of non-compliance issues that can bring down property values quickly.  Using metrics to drive their priorities, HPI's experienced associates focused on such typically intractable problems as neglected foreclosed properties, discarded household items at curbs, and decaying fences.  As a result, we saw a steady decline in such violations and in complaints by our own residents, and our property values remain healthy.  Numbers don't lie: Hughes Properties provides professional, effective management while reducing HOA liabilities.  Thanks, HPI!"

- Sue Khoury, Magnolia Springs HOA

BEST company we've ever worked with

I have dealt with countless HOA management companies in connection with my representation of approximately 160 Homeowners Associations throughout Alabama.  I have never worked with a management company that is as reliable, competent, and professional as Hughes Properties.  Betty and Marion do what they say and they say what they do.  Great HOAs can attribute their success to competent management.  There is no more competent management than Hughes Properties, Inc. in my opinion.  The long-standing reputation of Hughes Properties speaks for itself in this area and Boards can do no better in seeking prospective management.  

- Nicholas Cole Hughes, HOA Attorney

...kindness and willingness to go above and beyond

Our family lives in the Ridge Subdivision in the Madison/Monrovia area- we have hosted 2 parties in the last month at our neighborhood clubhouse. We had the privelage of working with Elisse when booking our reservations and had to speak with her multiple times on the phone- We just want to brag on her-her kindness and willigingness to go above and beyond with some chaotic situations that arose made a huge impression on us! Her sweetness on the phone kept me ( the MOM) from losing it! Thank you Elisse!!!!!

- Melissa R.

...has been a pleasure to work with

Hughes Properties II, LLC Management Firm has been a pleasure to work with.  As a new HOA that was formed, after the builder completed the development, we have gone through a big learning curve.  Beckie and the Management company has been instrumental in working with us from day 1, when they became our Management Company.  From setting up new banking accounts to new contracts. It is nice to work with a company that is always working on new processes that helps HOA as well as being able to communicate with them, sometimes on short notices.    Hughes and especially Beckie has ensured that we were on track as an HOA and community! Looking forward in working with them to years to come.

- Paul Philabaum, The Preserve on the Flint HOA

...has been most helpful and responsive

The Hughes Property Team has been most helpful and responsive to our family during each of our interactions during the past six years. This included issuance of keycards, passing of common area "issues" needing Home Owner Association (HOA) Board actions, timely communications to & from the HOA Board, and the forms required by the HOA for approvals of installation of fence, changing of foundation plantings, and assistance in getting the right departments involved for street repair or fiber conduit installation damages.
The Hughes Property Team has responded to each communication or request professionally and in a timely manner. This has included three subdivisions and two Home Owner Associations.

- Jim B.

There is no better management company

I have been associated in various ways with Betty Hughes Properties for the past six (6) years. There is no better management company in my opinion in the North Alabama area. I have found the employees at Hughes Properties to be polite, ethical, and go beyond their duties to please their customers. Most people who are just starting to live in a HOA, have to adjust to the rules and regulations of their board members who themselves live in the community. Sometimes they don't realize it isn't Betty Hughes Properties that make the rules and regulations. Betty Hughes Properties take direction from the HOA Board Members. If your community has an HOA and don't use Betty Hughes Properties as your management company, you don't have the best!!!

- Daniel M.

Professional, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable

Betty and her team go above and beyond for the neighborhood’s they manage. In my opinion, they are the best in the area to manage Community HOA’s.
Professional, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable!!
Jim and I are honored to know her!

- Kim R.

Our Home Owners Association (HOA) wouldn’t be what it is without Hughes Properties.

Our Home Owners Association (HOA) wouldn’t be what it is without Hughes Properties. HOA membership is dynamic and this is why Hughes is important. They provide a stability within the coming and going of Board members. Furthermore, because they manage many other properties, Hughes provides a context. We may have a problem, but it is likely that other HOAs have addressed it. Hughes brings the benefit of that experience to help with our decision making. Our face to Hughes is Kristen. She is a responsive and knowledgeable property representative. She attends our Board meetings, provides our financial report, and keeps track of violations. Hughes Properties and Kristen helps us manage our community and we are grateful for their services.

Thank you for your excellent support of Stonemark.

- Brand Griffin, Stonemark Owner's Association, Former President