Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Professionalism is their mantra.

Hughes Properties and Hughes Properties II have been an outstanding HOA Management Firm for the past 15+ years for Clift's Cove HOA with 298 properties. Their attention to all details; quick reaction times to minor as well as major problems; and absolute sound advice to the Board of Directors on complex issues is invaluable.

The firm appoints a manager to each HOA and that manager attends all of the monthly Board of Directors meetings as well as the Annual General Meetings each year. They manage HOA finances in the most professional manner and provide up to date information to enable quick decision making by the Board of Directors.

Their excellent staff is trained to handle all issues arising in a quick and responsive manner. Their internal and external communications are outstanding in all aspects.

They are truly focused on outstanding customer service to both the serviced HOA residents and the HOA Board of Directors. I could not recommend a firm with a higher sense of service and value to any other HOA.

I have been a member of our HOA Board as Secretary/Treasurer for 8 years now and have seen the internal and external operation of Hughes Properties for 18+ years in all matters to be able to recommend this firm so highly. Professionalism is their mantra.

- Dud Fagan, Secretary/Treasurer, Clift's Cove HOA

Five Stars!

As President of one of the largest HOA's in the area, I have had the pleasure of working with Hughes Properties for the past 2 years. The organization and staff are professional, knowledgeable, courteous and thoughtful in the performance of all their duties in support of our HOA. It has been an absolute delight to get to know and work with them these past few years. With the addition of the new HOA Specific software this year the process of managing the HOA, corresponding with Hughes and transparency of all the financial details and neighborhood occurrences has been greatly enhanced! It has made my job a lot easier and less time consuming while being able to maintain far greater awareness of all information and situations. I would recommend Hughes Properties to any HOA who needs assistance with management. Five Stars!

- Eugene "Andy" Young, Heritage Plantation, Former President

Guidance and support from Hughes Properties has given me confidence in my work on our HOA Board.

Guidance and support from Hughes Properties has given me confidence in my work on our HOA Board. From my initial HOA Board member orientation in 2021, through my detailed work as HOA Board secretary, and finally in my role as HOA Board president in 2023; I have found Marion Myers and Kristen Wickham to be knowledgable, patient, insightful, and quickly responsive in every situation. Their knowledge of our Covenants and HOA best practices based on their years of work with many HOAs of different sizes and characteristics have given me confidence in every aspect of my service to our community.  

As they have made new technology in the form of the CINC system available to our community, our homeowners can now complete many tasks online. Our members can view Covenant Violations, invoices, ARC responses online, thus eliminating the expense and delays inherent in the mail system. As a Board member, the enhanced availability of viewing invoice details, real-time budget information, Covenant violations, and more have streamlined my ability to gather needed information about our community.

- Denise Gibbs, McMullen Cove OA, President

I have known Betty Hughes and Marion Myers for well over a decade as a client, business associate and friend. Their business philosophy and actions are stellar when it comes to professionalism, business knowledge, professional education, ethics, fairness, and record keeping. They are responsive and patient with boards and residents. In my opinion, there is no better choice for an association manager than Hughes Properties. 

- Ed Collins, Director, Alabama Concerned Homeowners Alliance

...great resource and reliable partner

We can attest to the need to have an excellent accountant and bookkeeping for a homeowners' association. As a financial steward of the owners of your community, you're charged with staying on top of the inflow and expenditures for the association, and having had issues with our previous accountant, Hughes Properties has come in as a force, specifically Beckie! She corrected years of mis-reporting and gave the board the power to make sound financial decisions. Beckie is responsive, and genuinely cares about the needs of the association and the owners making every request a priority. We highly recommend Hughes Properties and Beckie as a great resource and reliable partner in bookkeeping for a home owner's association! 

- Fairway Hills Condominium Board

My name is Clement J. Cartron.  For more than 20 years, I have provided legal assistance to Hughes Properties.  Therefore, I have personal knowledge of the mode, method, and manner in which Hughes Properties operates in its capacity to serve as a Property Manager for a multitude of homeowner’s associations.  Hughes Properties has the most meticulous and detailed record keeping system produced for each and every HOA.  Records are kept on an annual basis of not only the financial affairs, but HOA contracts, homeowner inquiries, and complaints.

A major feature is Hughes Properties does not exercise discretion in performing its duties.  It operates only upon duties detailed to it by a Board of Directors or other governing body of an HOA. 

Intermittently legal questions arise concerning the interpretation or content of HOA Declarations, Restrictive Covenants, By-laws, or other charter documents.  Hughes Properties does not venture to make its own interpretations.  It seeks legal advice, with the understanding that any action taken by an HOA has one basic requirement.  That requirement is any action or non-action must be reasonable. 

Finally, and most importantly, all duties and responsibilities performed by Hughes Properties are underpinned with the premise the duties must be performed in a manner that is in the best interest and welfare of all members of a specific HOA.

Based upon my knowledge and experience, I have no hesitation in recommending to any prospective client of Hughes Properties that such prospective client will receive professional and attentive services at any all times.

- Clement J. Cartron, Attorney