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Common Homeowner Association Obstacles

  • Are you in need of assistance and support from a company with over 20 years of HOA management experience?
  • Are your covenants enforced in accordance with the written documents and fairly to all property owners?
  • Are you receiving monthly financial statements (to include but not limited to your bank reconciliation)in a timely manner?
  • Does your Board need assistance in creating an operating and reserve budget?
  • Do you a have a long-term maintenance budget and funding plan in place?
  • Is your Board reviewing HOA insurance policies and contractor insurance policies to ensure the coverages are sufficient?
  • Is there a main location that homeowners and/or board members can meet with their community administrator?
  • Do you have easy access to HOA documents including governing documents, financials, minutes, and homeowner files for current and past years?

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Management required

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I have dealt with countless HOA management companies in connection with my representation of approximately 160 Homeowners Associations throughout Alabama.  I have never worked with a management company that is as reliable, competent, and professional as Hughes Properties.  Betty and Marion do what they say and they say what they do.  Great HOAs can attribute their success to competent management.  There is no more competent management than Hughes Properties, Inc. in my opinion.  The long-standing reputation of Hughes Properties speaks for itself in this area and Boards can do no better in seeking prospective management.  

Nicholas Cole Hughes

HOA Attorney

" HUGHES PROPERTIES has been our property management agency ever since the development contractor turned it over… they have been very professional and extremely helpful with suggestions that made our jobs as the “Homeowners Association” easier and beneficial for our properties. We could not nor would not operate without them and we highly recommend this company for those seeking a property management company. "

Tom Dozier

Bell Tower Townhomes Association

I have known Betty Hughes and Marion Myers for well over a decade as a client, business associate and friend. Their business philosophy and actions are stellar when it comes to professionalism, business knowledge, professional education, ethics, fairness, and record keeping. They are responsive and patient with boards and residents. In my opinion, there is no better choice for an association manager than Hughes Properties. 

Ed Collins

Director, Alabama Concerned Homeowners Alliance