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" HUGHES PROPERTIES, INC. has been our property management agency ever since the development contractor turned it over… they have been very professional and extremely helpful with suggestions that made our jobs as the “Homeowners Association” easier and beneficial for our properties. We could not nor would not operate without them and we highly recommend this company for those seeking a property management company. "

Tom Dozier

Bell Tower Townhomes Association

" Like most HOAs, the Stonemark Property Owners Association (SPOA) board and committees consist of property owners who volunteer their time to serve the needs of their Stonemark community. In doing so, they depend heavily on the services of Hughes Properties to run the day-to-day operations. HUGHES PROPERTIES, INC. has been a consistent, reliable, responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional business partner for over 14 years. Betty and her staff are easy to work with and, by their relationship with other HOAs, they bring a best practices perspective that the SPOA board would not otherwise have in running the Association’s business."

Mike Missios

Stonemark POA

" As the HOA Board member responsible for C&R compliance in our community, I worked directly with HUGHES PROPERTIES, INC. for 4 years.  During that time, we experienced steady reductions in the types of non-compliance issues that can bring down property values quickly.  Using metrics to drive their priorities, HPI's experienced associates focused on such typically intractable problems as neglected foreclosed properties, discarded household items at curbs, and decaying fences.  As a result, we saw a steady decline in such violations and in complaints by our own residents, and our property values remain healthy.  Numbers don't lie: Hughes Properties provides professional, effective management while reducing HOA liabilities.  Thanks, HPI!"

Sue Khoury

Magnolia Springs HOA